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So how is everyone? Good I hope..But I figured I would update since I'm bored...

Schools been okay. We were assigned another book report in english, and Mrs. Clayton just annoys me. In gym, Coach Baucom isn't making me run, or basically do anything in gym. After attempting to run, I went to go get ice for my leg, and I was sitting on the bleacher and he told me that he doesn't want me to run for the next 3 weeks because of my shin splints. And right now were playing football, and well, football involves running, so yeah, I don't have too do anything really.

I finally talked to Jared. He's really nice. He asked for my phone number from Lee, and when he got it, he called me and we talked for about 30 minutes. He likes the fact that my phone number is the easiest one for him to remember haha. But yeah, when he called we talked about alot of stuff. He said it was cool that I like the 80's..and it's about time that I find a guy that likes the 80's. Anyways, yeah, that's basically the love life update.

Tomorrow Aylish, Amanda, Kelly and Connie are going off to Tennessee. Fun eh'? Yeah, well basically, I'm stuck at home by myself ;( I don't know. Maybe I'm just paranoid or something but I feel like I'm loosing contact with some of my friends. If any of my friends think the same thing, tell me, and we shall hang out sometime soon ;D

Anyways, I think I'm gonna go. Later loves ♥
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New Years Resolution- Update more ;D haha

Anyways, so tomorrow we go back school. It sucks because for the past 2 weeks I've been staying up late, sleeping late, going off with friends and hanging around the house. Today I went off with Shannon and Stefanie and we went to Taco Bell and ate. Then went to Walmart so Shannon could get some makeup.

Yesterday me, Shannon, Stefanie, and AJ played paintball. It was alot of fun. The first game wasn't that great, but that's because me, Shannon and Stefanie had no idea what we were doing. I was shooting at this one guy and got really close to shooting him and he moved. So I moved ... and got shot in the head haha. Didn't hurt just scared the shit outa me! So we played a few more times and right as the game started, I hit AJ right in the forehead .. but we weren't playing with a ref so we didn't worry about it, but when the game was over he had a mark on his forehead. But I did pretty good for it to have been my very first time, I got hit in both legs, and both spots are still red, but I deffinatly want to play again!

In the car today, me, Shannon and Stefanie decided that this summer, we are going to do so much stuff together. Stefanie leaves for college soon, and when she does, i'm going to be really sad, because Stefanie is like a sister to me. I love hanging out with her. But we decided that we are going to go back to Virginia Beach this summer, and do alot of the things that we've always wanted to do together, but never did. I have little over half a year to spend time with one of my best friends. And I know that she'll come back for Thanksgiving and Christmas and such, but it deffinatly won't be the same not seeing her everyday. ily stef!!

Okay anyways, enough of being all sappy. I really don't feel like going to school tomorrow, waking up at 6:30, or learning. I mainly want to go just so I can see people (haha, LAUREN!!). But theres some random pictures below, so bye.

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Long time no update eh'?

Yeah well, nothing's really happened. Laying around the house..playing x-box..hanging out with shannon and stefanie. The regular.

So tomorrow's Christmas Eve ;D I think were opening our presents tonight though. We always open presents the day before Christmas Eve, that way if we got clothes that we want to wear, we can wear them on Christmas Eve when we go to visit my other family. Yes we are weird, but thats okay.

Anyways, I can't really think of anything to write about.

The other day, i was playing grand theft auto, and my brother, being his naive 10 year old self was watching me play, and phil came over. Phil wanted to play so I gave him the controls and he goes and picks up a damn prostitute. My brother doesn't know what a prostitute is, so when he heard Phil say "HAHA! LOOK! I'M PICKING UP A PROSTITUTE!!" my brother asked what a prostitute was. I just told him they give you free money. Then, Phil parks the car in the grass, and the car starts to shake, and my brothers like "Uh, what are they doing?!" and i was like "ummm....DANCING!". So yes, from now on, prostitutes dance, instead of giving free sex ;D What was even better was my brother says "DUDE! I LIKE PROSTITUTES! I mean, they dance AND give you free money...how cool is that?!" Uhh, right Tyler. You just keep thinking that.

But anyways, I just thought I'd give you all a quick update, so you all knew I was still alive, but now I gotta go because I'm going to Carolina Place with Shannon, Stefanie and AJ. BYE♥
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This weekend = HECTIC. Wow. Let's start with friday.

K, so Friday when I came home, I ate a snack and went straight over to Stefanie's and me, stefanie, shannon, and aj decide were gonna go to the mall and see a movie. Meanwhile, at the movie, shannon's supposed to FINALLY meet Thomas (this guy she's been trying to hook up with FOREVER). So first of all, were eating dinner at this pizza place, and Stefanie tells me to go to the bathroom with her and asks if i have any change. I LOST ALL OF MY MONEY. $60 WASTED. I must have lost it when shannon asked for my chapstick, and it must have fallen out. So we get to the movies, and AJ being a sweetheart, payed for my ticket (and i payed him back today). When we get there, we realize that the movie that Thomas is already in, is sold out. So we buy a later ticket, and sneak into the movie he's in, and try and find him (even though we already missed an hour just trying to figure out what the hell we were gonna do). So stefanie and aj go see the movie we baught, and me and shannon go and try and find thomas. So we THINK we see him, so we try yelling his name out (yes, while the movie is playing). So we never get his attention, so around 10:45, Thomas calls me, and says he's already left, and makes up some screwed up story about him being in a different theatre, and all this crazy shit. So we all decide to leave and i get home at 12, and go straight to sleep.

Saturday, i wake up early and go christmas shopping for all my friends and some of my family. Come home, eat lunch, pack, and leave for my grandparents. When we get their, we go straight to dinner, come home for an hour and then leave for a play that was really good (it was a remake of the movie, A Christmas Story. It was so good !!). The next morning, I got ready, went to my baby cousins birthday party, came home, ate and went to stefanie's surprise b-day party. That was fun too.

We got bored at the party, so me and shannon decide were gonna go on a walk. Next thing we know, we turn around and the whole party decides to go on a walk. So we decide to go (dun dun dun) CAROLING!! And the people actually enjoyed us too!! It was awesome. Then this guy that was at the party, Kaleb, decides to knock over a porta-jon..well, while we are all signing, this guy drives up and starts bitching at AJ saying he did it, when he didn't. Kaleb didn't even do anything! So AJ starts cussing the dude out and walks off, so we all walk off and the guys like "WHICH ONE DID IT??" and we were like "WTF? we dont know, we were S I N G I N G, if you weren't paying attentiton". Stupid guy. So back at the house, Stefanie opens her presents and 3 girls have to leave. Not even 2 minutes after they leave, they call Stefanie's cell and tell us that the man, and 2 cops are driving around the neighborhood. Most likely looking for us. People = STUPID. Argh. Then we watched the ring. woo hoo haha.

But yeah, that was my weekend. Interesting, eh'?? Okay, well I'm gonna go, but i'll leave you with a picture of me and Katheryn

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Leave me some love ♥  

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Oh. I'm in school and am updating my lj. What now biiitch?

I really need to update this more often. Oh well. Anyways ..

Tonight I think me and Brian, Shannon, Stefanie, Thomas, and maybe Chris are going to go to the movies and see Oceans 12. Woo hoo.

God I'm so flippin bored...and I think the bell is gonna ring pretty soon, but that's okay.

I just saw Emily-Flippin-Tetlow in the library. She is TOO COOL.

Today in science, me, Kelly and Melissa were talking about what kind of tattoos we want, and also how I asked my dad if I could get my tongue peirced. HAH. Boy did that work out or what? My dad was in the kitchen washing the dishes and I was like, "hey dad! what about letting me get my tongue peirced?!" and he goes "do you want your jaw broken?" and i was like "well no, but come on, i'll pay for it!!" and yeah that didn't work to well, at all. I want it done SO BAD. I guess i'll have to wait till I'm 18, since thats what he keeps telling me. ARGH.
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Ugh. I hate being sick. I woke up this morning and my throat was killing me, my nose was stopped up, i had a headache and my stomach hurt. I was not gonna be able to make it threw the day. So I asked my mom If I could stay home. I dont think she was very happy about me staying home, but I mean, I was not about to make anybody sick ya know?

So I went back to sleep for another 4 hours, woke up, my mom went to the store and braught KFC back for lunch. Yum. I'm eating it now but all of a sudden I just started feeling sick to my stomach. Argh.

Anyways. I've talked to Logan (Brian's g/f) and she is so nice. And she's really pretty. I saw a picture of her, and she looks WAY older then 14. But she's really sweet. They make a good couple.

So now me and Emily are trying to get Aylish hooked up with "that kid" (inside joke, aka- jared).

And now Geoff is being an ass-hole. He's avoiding me now. He told me Sunday that he's grounded again, until Dec. 13th. And then he told me I was too "straight-forward". WTF? I didn't know it was bad to tell it the way it is? Anyways, so now he's avoiding. He used to get off the bus to come and talk to me, now he doesn't even bother. Me and Aylish stood outside her bus for like 8 minutes talking, and he didn't come out. When she got on the bus she asked him why he was avoiding me, because I know he is. He responds with "I didn't know she was out there." OKAY, EVEN I KNOW THAT'S A LIE. Most guys = pure ass holes.

Well, I think I'm gonna go. Later people.

Okay, I need to know people actually READ my journal, so comment, PLEASEEEEEE ;D
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God .. I seriously need to get back into the routine of updating this damn thing! Geez ... okay so here's whats happened (and yes, this update will probably be pretty long too):

- Shin splints hurt like woah. But, I've decided that I'm going to go out for track this spring.
- Thanksgiving was okay. First went off to my mom's family, and at first NONE of my cousins talked to me, and I was just like "mm, okay then." so I helped cook. Finally when were in line (yes, the family is too big so we have a line) and we were getting food, Taylor and her boyfriend Chandler were behind cuddling and all that mushy crap, so I just ignored it. Then Taylor is beside me and still hadn't said anything to me and she'd been here for god knows, atleast 20 minutes and hadn't even said hey, so I was like "Geez Taylor. Don't even say hey!" and she was like "oh, sorry, haha." and then we started talking for like, 5 minutes. Everything else is history, helped clean up, played with the little kids, became a pillow to my cousin Justin, etc. Then we get home and I have a bitchen headache so I slept for 2 hours, woke up, and drove to my grandma's for more stuffing my face. So me, my mom, my dad, tyler, and my grandpa are watching tv, and my nana is sitting at the kitchen table because there wasn't anywhere else to sit, and my grandpa looks back, and my nana fell asleep in her chair, and is like falling out of it. So my grandpa goes back to help her, and tries to wake her up. We yelled for her to wake up, splashed cold water on her face. Either way, SHE WOULDN'T WAKE UP. My grandpa said it was like, some sort of seizure (my nana gets seizures alot..) but then again, it's my grandpa, so hell if i know.
- My parents MADE me sit through the new spongebob movie. I NEVER THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO SURVIVE. Having to sit through pure stupidity for 90 minutes that isn't even funny is NOT fun. So I slept. Then we went shopping for christmas, and got 2 pants, 3 shirts, a jacket, some earring, some perfume and shoes for $154. Woo hoo?

Anyways ... I need to go and get ready because I'm off to go to Concord Mills, yet again. But this time with the cool kids Shannon and Stefanie ;D

Oh, and (i think) on Jan. 28th, SoCo is coming to town. Anybody going/ wanna go with me?
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I haven't felt like updating lately. So yet again, I'm just gonna go over the few things that have happened.

*My running has gotten alot better in gym, BUT I strained the calves in BOTH of my legs. It hurts ;[
*I haven't seen Geoff since Monday, and so yeah, it made me sad.
*I think I'm getting sick.
*12 more days and Geoff is ungrounded. Yay.
*I have an Amnesty Meeting tomorrow, and it's very unlikely I'm going.

Yes, well, I think I'm gonna go so I can STUDY! Yay..not.
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So I haven't updated lately, I know.

I shall go over the things that have happened lately:

1.] Me & Geoff go out now. Yay.
2.] Last Friday we had a free 4th block, so me, Aylish, Chelsea, and Iyari walked around. We even decorated the girls bathroom in the K-Building. Go check it out. It's beautiful I must say.
3.] Gym = boring. And sometimes pain. I got all nauseas today in gym. It sucked.
4.] There is a home game this Friday. Piedmont's in the championships. EVERYONE must go. Because I said so.


I found out I SUCK in science. The ONLY reason I'm passing is because we have 48 grades, and more then half of them are homework. Thank god I do my homework because I'd literally be failing science if I didn't.


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Ugh. My luck with guys has gone down to NEGATIVE 285962656. Yess, It's that bad.

Well, okay, maybe not, I'm just exagerating, but still, GEEZ!

So some other chick (who I might add, I dont like) likes Geoff too. Go figure. She only gets practically every guy she goes for, but I dont know why because she drives me crazy because she's annoying like crap.

So I walked Aylish to her bus today, and she went to put her stuff in her seat, and then comes back to tell me that once she gets on the bus, she can't get off. So I standed in the middle of the door like an idiot just to talk to my dear Aylish.

So I'm standing there, and Ace is rambling on about god knows what, and then Geoff walks up, and does that whole "double-look" thing, and just gave me this look like "you look oddly familiar". So I'm standing behind him because he's getting on the bus and Aylish is giving me this "aww" look, and out of no where, she grabs his shirt and starts tugging at it, and is like "GEOFF! This is Felicia..." and I just said hey, and he did this whole deep manly hey.

So Aylish said something like she was going to talk to Geoff for me or whatever. Ugh, I get this really bad gut feeling he deffinatly wont go for me. Like, at all. Zip. Zilch. Get the picture? Good, I thought you would.

Today in gym, we had to do this tag-team running thing, and Espo was my partner. Uhh, yeah, I did like 3 laps, and on my 4th one, I had to walk more then 70% of the time, because I couldn't breath. So I walked up to where everyone was, and bent over trying to catch my breath. I looked up and Coach Baucom was looking at me and he asked if I was okay. I told him I couldn't breath, and so he made me put my hands behind my head, as if I was getting arrested. My wind pipe and throat hurt so bad when I got done from running. I don't see how Leslie runs like 3-5 miles a day because of her being on track. I deffinatly could not do that.

We also went and threw the football after we had all catched our breath, and Aylish was my partner. Then Coach Baucom had us get in a line, and he whispered to me that he was going to get the guys to get closer to me, and I could trick them, because he said I was really good at throwing the football for a girl. He told me he had been watching me the whole time practically. So I threw it and it went over 3 of the guys heads. Then all these girls that were behind me were like "omg! holy crap" and I didn't even think I threw it very good. Coach Baucom said he could tell I had a brother, too bad he's only 10 and I learned how to throw a football from my dad.

Anyways, I dont feel like writing anything anymore. KBYE.

[PS- WISH ME LUCK. Aylish is going to talk to Geoff. He probably said something like "omg, she's ugly" or whatever, but wish me serious luck, pleaseeeee]

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